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Tiny Rituals

Blue Topaz Silver or Gold Stud Earrings

Blue Topaz Silver or Gold Stud Earrings

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Trust, communication, and calm clear-headed thinking all sparkle in these Blue Topaz Silver Studs. These stud earrings are subtle but lively and come with a dancing sense of hope and harmonious wellbeing for all those who wear them. The flash of silver and the simple luxury of a Blue Topaz stone - it shines with the light of a clear summer sky, the sparkle of a pure pale lake, and the riches of a life well-lived. 


Slip-on these Blue Topaz stud earrings in sterling silver and let calmness and clarity wash right over you. These beautiful blue gems gleam like cornflowers in the silver rain and come soaked with the promise of purity, love, abundance, peace, and complete trust in your own power. Blue Topaz has a long history of being a beloved healing gemstone. It takes its name from the Sanskrit word for fire - despite its watery flowing color, this gem certainly comes with a spark. It was believed to be a stone that could break bad curses, a cure for sickness and ailments, and a stone into which the Sun Goad Ra poured all his light.

Blue Topaz is full of healing properties. This gem is great at gifting you a voice and is an awesome remedy for those who struggle with shades of public speaking. As a beautiful blue gem, Blue Topaz is a dab hand at helping boost communication skills and can facilitate deeper connections and relationships. By opening the throat chakra, Blue Topaz helps you to feel heard, seen and encourages you to stand tall in your power. 

These sweet stud earrings also extend to help clear the third eye chakra. When the third eye is open, we can delve deep into our inner wisdom and find the answers we need. Wearing spiritual earrings also brings the healing vibrations of the crystals closer to the higher chakras - putting them in direct alignment with where they need to be. The flash of silver also brings shades of emotional balance, purity, and anti-microbial powers too.


  • Materials / Unique Faceted genuine Blue Topaz gemstone, made of .925 Sterling Silver Studs with Hand-hammered edges. 
  • Size / Approx. .25 inches wide. 
  • Origin / Made with love in India. 
  • Features / Comes with description card.
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