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Clear Quartz Palm Stone

Clear Quartz Palm Stone

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Surround yourself with clarity and amplify even a pinch of energy with the Clear Quartz Palm Stone. Known for keeping your mind sharp and clear and for helping raise your spiritual game, this crystalline stone is a magical tool for manifestation, meditation practice, and seeing things from a fresh new perspective. 


A famed light-bringer in the healing crystal guide, Clear Quartz is one of the best all-around gems for body, mind, and soul healing. This illuminating palm stone is an amazing amplifier. Along with helping to raise your vibrations, it is also known for absorbing, storing, and releasing energy in accordance with your individual needs and desires. 

The Clear Quartz Palm Stone can be used to bring you into alignment as it works as a chakra crystal and is a great aura cleanser too. It floods the crown chakra with light, which helps to elevate your sense of spirituality and encourages you to connect on a higher plain. Along with rebalancing the chakras, the meaning of clear quartz can also help stabilize moods and stimulate brighter feelings as it clears negative energy away. .

Palm stones are wonderful additions to your home as they help create a sacred space. Having the Clear Quartz Palm Stone in your home will bring purifying energy, can clear tension and bad vibes from the air, and elevates the vibe into something clear and harmonious. You can also sit with this stone during meditation or when problem-solving, as its radiant clarity can shine a light on things you may not have seen before.


  • Materials / Genuine Clear Quartz Gemstone. 
  • Size / Approx 1.5" wide x 2.5" long, .25 inched thick. 
  • Features / Comes with a description card.
*Color, shape, size and markings will vary.
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