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Tiny Rituals

Green Jade Mala - High-Energy Gemstones

Green Jade Mala - High-Energy Gemstones

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Bring good fortune and joy to your life with these gentle Green Jade mala beads. Cool hues of gorgeous green bring themes of good luck, friendship, courage, and justice to your journey. Lovingly hand-knotted and carved from 108 beads, this mala is a dream for deepening meditation practice and welcoming abundance into your world.


Joyous Jade is always a glorious stone to keep close by. These pretty prayer beads are highly intuitive and help the body to heal. By nudging out negative patterns, raising your sense of self-esteem, and doing all that it can to keep your soul nourished, you will want to keep this Green Jade Mala with you. Green Jade is also a heart chakra stone, by wearing this mala or keeping it in hand during meditation, you can learn to let go and free up tender space in your heart to welcome love and splendid compassion.


  • Please Note / These Malas are Hand Knotted and can take 2-3 weeks to ship. If your Mala is not in stock and being strung, we will ship it separately within 2-3 weeks.  Thanks for your patience.
  • Size / 6mm or 8mm high energy gemstones handcrafted knotted between each bead silk thread 108 beads.
*Color, shape, and markings will vary.
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