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Tiny Rituals

Rainbow Moonstone 3 Stone Silver Ring

Rainbow Moonstone 3 Stone Silver Ring

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Balance, big energy, and the bright promise of something beginning - this Rainbow Moonstone 3 Stone Silver Ring is the ultimate cheerleader for spiritual healing and harmonious energy. Comprised of three beautiful flashing rainbow moonstones in a sterling silver prong setting, this ring will raise you up.


This Rainbow Moonstone Ring doesn’t cut corners when it comes to prisms of perfect light, dancing colors, and the promise of psychic protection. One of the most mystical varieties of Moonstone, this crystal is full of cosmic grace and feminine energy. Ever ready to help balance out hormones and regulate cycles, Rainbow Moonstone can also be a deep source of comfort and blesses you with the feeling of sweet inner strength and intuitive trust. 

Rainbow Moonstone is known for its deep connection with lunar energy. It lends itself well to helping you shift through cycles and intuitively understand how to balance your emotions in accordance with that. It can regulate emotions, help with fertility, and radiates positive vibrations from tip to toe. Rainbow Moonstone can also keep your aura safe and aligns all the chakras to keep you humming at your highest level of being. 

Also welcoming the sacred energy of the number three, together these moonstones also bring divinity and dreamy positive energy. The number 3 is known for its powerful positive energy, connection with the divine, and being a master builder number. This number ensures you build a beautiful life that serves you and aligns with your core values of body, mind, and soul. The presence of silver also brings healing. Silver is known for being an emotional balancer and for its bright yet soothing style.

  • Materials / Made of .925 Sterling Silver, Prong Setting.
  • Size / 4mm x 6mm Genuine Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone, comes in Sizes 6 - 8.
  • Origin / Made in India with Love.
  • Features / Comes with a description card.
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