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Tiny Rituals

Tree Agate Tower

Tree Agate Tower

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Like a long walk in the forest, this Tree Agate Tower is chilled, contemplative, and ever ready to connect you back to nature. Mother Nature is the greatest healer and this gloriously understated stone taps into that sense of oneness with the universe and helps to deepen our sense of purpose, understanding, and feeling centered in the great unknown. It’s the perfect stone to be carved into the tower -  a shape that encompasses grounding and channeling energy from places of higher purpose.


Easy on the eye and filled with fabulous energy, it’s not hard to fall for the rising power of the Tree Agate Tower. Swirled with vines or green and with natural crystals growing beneath the surface, these unique and natural geode properties ensure that your stone is certainly one of a kind. Just like the garden that blooms with grace and beauty, the Tree Agate Tower echoes sentiments of growth, nurturing, strength, and shades of renewal. It can be used to assist with spiritual growth but can also work as a lucky charm for your garden.

There’s earth energy to adore about the Tree Agate Tower. The tower is an essential shape in sacred geometry. It reminds us of the importance of staying grounded, using all angles to support the self, and rising to a pinnacle that connects with higher plains - nudging us to always stay open to channeling energy, receiving what we need, and releasing what we can let go.

Tree Agate is also all about deepening down and stabilizing our connection with both ourselves and the world around us. It can be used to soothe frayed nerves, heighten clarity, and open the heart space so that we can learn to trust and love without fear. Because of its ability to loosen the grip of fear and spiral thinking, it also helps strengthen relationships with those around us and infuses you with ripe positive energy.


  • Materials / Unique and genuine Tree Agate gemstone. 
  • Size / Approx. 3-4 inches tall and 1-inch base. 
  • Features / Comes with a description card.
*Color, shape, size, and markings will vary. 
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