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Tiny Rituals

Carnelian Palm Stones - AAA Premium Quality

Carnelian Palm Stones - AAA Premium Quality

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Don’t compromise when it comes to courage and strength with the Carnelian Palm Stone AAA quality. The crystal guide reminds us that this confidence-enhancing gem knows how to set your soul alight. With its warm glow, lower chakra crystal cleansing energy, and artistic expression, Carnelian can help you straighten your crown.


Kissed by fire and radiating warmth, the Carnelian gemstone is a joy. Not only can this crystal elevate your sense of confidence and personal well-being, but it also brings vital energy radiating from your core. Action and passion sit at the core of Carnelian bracelets, stones, and accessories, so for those who feel a little sluggish or lost, simply holding this palm stone or being in its presence can put you back on track. As this palm stone is certified AAA quality, it means that it boasts a flawless beauty and comes close to perfection in terms of color and cut. The triple-A status is one of the highest grades a gemstone can achieve, meaning that the stone's sacred energy won’t be compromised and can surge and flow with all the power it has stashed inside. The carnelian meaning is made for those who want a little extra heat in their lives.


  • Materials / Genuine AAA Quality Unique Carnelian Gemstones.
  • Size / Weight 3.5-4.5 oz., Length approx. 2", Width approx. 1.5-1.75" Thickness .5-.75."
  • Origin / Madagascar.
  • Features / Comes with a description card.
*Color, shape, size and markings will vary.
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