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Clear Quartz Worry Stone

Clear Quartz Worry Stone

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Shake the fog from your head and turn up the volume on your inner light as you get ready to shine with the Clear Quartz Worry Stone. This pretty palm stone is all about amplifying energy and absorbing what you don’t need, leaving your mind crystal clear and your worries long gone.


The Clear Quartz Worry Stone is as cool as ice. Shimmering with pale shades, this thumb stone is the perfect match for those wanting a long-term solution to getting their energy back on track. Clear quartz is known for its amazing ability to absorb and amplify, meaning that it picks up what you need and adjusts its vibrations to keep you thriving at life. Clear Quartz makes for an amazing worry stone as it is well versed in kindling even the tiniest sparks of light until they flicker into a fiery glow to feed your soul.

The oval shape makes the Clear Quartz Worry Stone perfect for fiddling with when anxiety levels seem to be creeping high. Holding in the palm of your hand or just knowing that its healing energy is close by can wash you in a cleansing light of calm and keep you connected to your intentions.

Clear Quartz is committed to helping you bloom when it comes to spiritual growth. This stone serves up a spring clean for your aura and your chakras, ensuring that energy is flowing clearly without a block in sight. Clear Quartz especially loves to connect to the crown chakra, the space where spiritual tendrils can reach higher ground, inviting you to be poised and ready to receive universal messages and hints of a higher purpose. There’s an old saying that reminds us that if we don’t control our worries, they will control us – if that rings true for you, the Clear Quartz Worry Stone is the medicine you need.


  • Materials / Unique and genuine Clear Quartz gemstone.
  • Size / Approx. 1.3 inches long and 1 inch wide, Weight Approx. .5 oz.
  • Features / Comes with a description card.
*Color, shape, and markings will vary.
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