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Tiny Rituals

Rainbow Moonstone Cube

Rainbow Moonstone Cube

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Nothing in this mortal world lights the way better than moonstone. The iridescent beauty of the Rainbow Moonstone Energy Bracelet brings the balance and strength needed for new beginnings. For those seeking protection along the path they choose, this stone is your glimmering guiding light.


Seemingly plucked from the harvest midnight sky, the heavenly Rainbow Moonstone is a glowing orb shot through with prisms of color that throw out the light. A talisman for travelers, those who hold the Rainbow Moonstone close will have protection both on the road and within their hearts. Some sojourns are from the soul, and the Rainbow Moonstone invites you to journey inwards.

A stone that communicates the ebb and flow of our cycles, the Rainbow Moonstone puts us back in touch with the natural rhythms of life. Rather than soaking everything in a positive glow, the Rainbow Moonstone isn’t afraid of letting you delve into your darker side but provides a path of lightness to allow you to move through your mind without getting lost.

The Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally for those ready to do that deep work to bring their deep sense of destiny to the surface. It’s a purging stone and an amulet for new beginnings, infusing you with clarity, intention, and the divine feminine energy. The ancient Greeks and Romans adored this visionary stone and associated it with the lore of the lunar gods. For those who are open to life-changing lessons and the deep inner work of the self, the Rainbow Moonstone is your torch against the night. 

Details & Sizing

  • Materials / Unique and genuine Rainbow moonstone gemstone. 
  • Size / Approx. 1 inch x 1 inch. 
  • Features / Comes with a description card.

*Color, shape, size, and markings will vary. 

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